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Greetings to all!!! Lori and I hope this message finds everyone in good health and spirits. The Thanksgiving season is finally upon us. That means Christmas is closely following.

Often, we put so much of our focus on Christmas; we miss the importance of Thanksgiving, which is that our hearts should be full of both “Thanks” and “Giving.” Thanksgiving is a time to feel gratitude to God for all the good things in life, a time to acknowledge the good deeds of our fellow man and be thankful. Find
something, no matter how small, to be thankful for, because in giving thanks, you will be bringing peace to your heart, even if only for a moment. With so many times of the year devoted to commercial or charitable purposes, it is good to have a time set aside for giving thanks.

Thanksgiving is a time for enjoying the ritual of bonding with family and friends. It is a time for counting our blessings and good fortunes and to reflect upon the many benefits and privileges which, as a nation we enjoy.  We, as Elks, may wish to add thanks for the privilege of giving service – perhaps one of the greatest privileges of all. We should give thanks that ours is a land where people can laugh, dream, hope, speak our minds, and worship as we please. We have so much to be thankful for. Almighty God
has smiled upon us and our beloved country.  We should take time to be with those whom we hold most dear, and extend a helping hand to others through out the year. So, may the blessings of this day fill you with Thanksgiving Peace that lasts the whole year through. Lori and I would like to remind everyone that if there is anything we can do for anyone, just let us know. We would also like to thank everyone for all the support and help that has been given to us.

Thank you all very much and may God bless our troops serving this great nation, our veterans for all they did for us, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, and each and every one of you.

Russell Elyasevich
Exalted Ruler